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Helping University Engineers launch their high impact ideas into the world


What is the OVO IP Creators Program?

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We are committed to helping you, the entrepreneurially-minded PhD or Post-Doc, discover the feasibility, viability, and desirability of your technology.

We do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all model”. Therefore, the challenge will be personalized to the needs of each team/participant, the goal is to successfully identify and form relationships with the best customers, partners, and market to target. 

As investors, we often see founders fail before starting by not spending enough time diligencing their ideal customers and market. We believe that in order to give your ambitious idea the best chance of succeeding, the initial milestones cannot be belittled. Our challenge is meant to encourage hyper-focus on these milestones.


How does the challenge work?

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Recipients will receive support in the form of funding, mentoring, and introductions to the proper potential customers. Details can be discussed in person. 


We are based in Palo Alto and would love to spend as much in-person time as it makes sense.


The timeline will be based on a per-recipient basis and full-time commitment is prefered. ​​


Why you? 

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As you know, starting a company is not an easy feat. However, we know that through your PhD or Post-Doc research you have spend endless energy in becoming an expert in a particular field. If you want to take that knowledge and apply it in the realm of start-ups, this challenge is for you. 

 OVO: IP Creators Program 

Engineering PhDs and Post-Docs: have you wondered how viable your research is in the start-up world? Would you like to explore serious opportunities into commercializing your tech? If so, consider our challenge! 

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