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OVO Summer Studio

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Partnering with avant-garde aspiring founders by equipping them with the right resources to give them the best chance at start-up success. 

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We give recipients the right amount of equity-free funding to pursue their passion project full-time for the summer without needing to take on another internship.  
We seek out solo or duo founders with subject matter expertise in the problem they are tackling.
This is the right place for your work-in-progress solution to flourish.
Founders receive close mentoring by the OVO team and our extended community.
We strive to be a low-maintenance partner ready to roll our sleeves when opportunities arise.  
We take a highly individualized approach and help founders assess the right goals and milestones for the summer and beyond.
We are small, nimble, and always available to our recipients.
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If you are an undergraduate or graduate student at Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, or Carnegie Mellon, please reach out via email with your resume and a blurb on your idea to schedule an introductory call.
Don't sweat the details, connect with us!
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