How OVO Works With You

We know startups are hard, so we try our best to do what’s best for the company.

You are the expert and you know your tech, market, and product better than we ever will, so we don’t get in the way.

However, if you need help with anything, we’re just a text message, e-mail, call, or scooter ride away.

We’re in this together. So we ask for transparency and being upfront with unexpected hurdles.

In return, we promise to be upfront and clear about follow-on funding.

If you reach out, we promise to be as responsive as possible!

We love rolling up our sleeves and helping solve problems.

We’re here if you want to bounce ideas off of us or even if you just want to vent!

We will periodically host events that are helpful for our portfolio companies, we would love for you to participate when you can.

We kindly ask that you make someone from your team available for our annual shareholder meeting so we can show you off to our LPs!

We kindly ask that you send us monthly or quarterly updates where appropriate. We’ll even help write the first few updates if you want!

Our network is useful for helping recruit early employees/co-founders.

Our network is sometimes useful for customer and channel intros.

Our network is very useful for fundraising.

We have helped with many fundraisings pre-seed through series B and we can help every step of the way: from readiness assessment, pitch deck, warm intros and closing.

We ultimately invest because we believe that you are the right team.